Sorry, there's no real "overnight success."


If I had twenty cents for every time an author believed their first book would be a best-selling success, I would be living in Panama in my condo on the beach writing books full time. Unfortunately I'm as of yet and I've not seen it happen with any of my clients or with any other authors - even the highly successful ones!  And yes, I have first-hand experience in that as well as being a book publicist and PR consultant, I have also been a published author since 2013 (I have two books - a poetry book and a business book) and before that, I've been writing for at least 10 years. And by the way, I am still plugging on with that goal of retiring and writing :-).

I'm sharing this information to say, don't get discouraged on your writing/author path, just learn to measure all your succcesses on the path to financial success if that is your big goal,  e.g.

  1. I published my first book 
  2. I sold 200 print copies in 3 months and 300 e-books
  3. I did 10 interviews
  4. I got written up in  3 publications
  5. I have 0ver 1000 FB followers and 600 IG followers
  6. My website has gotten over 2,000 visits one month after it went live
  7. My book is in a bookstore
  8. I'm working on my second book
  9. My second book is published

These are also successes! 

Read this article from Mill City Press that breaks down the myth of the overnight success in a way that is direct and very easy to understand. This is not meant to discourage you, but to keep things real!  Happy Reading!

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