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“Between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are published every year in the US—as many as half are self-published.” — Nick Morgan,

Cherrie Woods

Cherrie Woods, founder of Eclectic PR has become the go-to-public relations (PR) expert /coach for authors - whether self-published, traditionally published or indie published. An author herself, Woods has worked with numerous authors on all aspects of their PR and marketing needs.

"I help authors of all genres create their best physical book products as well as build supporting PR tools - websites, social media, e-newsletters, etc. Then, I develop a media relations/publicity campaign that will secure media attention and increase sales for their book projects.  









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  1. Create a publicity campaign to secure media interviews (online and offline)/ Interview training
  2. Secure booksigning/reading opportunities
  3. Design a new book cover/ redesign a book cover
  4. Manage a professional photo shoot
  5. Write professional bio/synopsis
  6. Website design
  7. Facilitate PR workshops for public or private groups
  8. PR coaching to help you begin to write your book

Author PR Packages:

  1. Basic Package 
  2. Advanced Package 
  3. Customized Package 
See basic and advanced Author PR packages details here! 

For authors with a PR budget, Book a FREE PR 15 mins. consultation or paid consultations  (30 mins. for $50/ 60 mins. for $85 to discuss your book project).

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Client Testimonials! 

Cherrie was able to open doors for me that would've remained closed had it not been for her advocating for me as a new author. She also assisted in the design of my new cover, secured media coverage and book signing events, and provided PR coaching as well as media training. Cherrie, thanks for your hard work and for fighting for new authors.

- Victoria Kent - author, "Almost 30"

I appreciated that Cherrie Woods held me accountable every step of the way. I also enjoyed our brainstorming sessions for my website, book cover and PR Plans. Cherrie has me excited again about my writing projects.

- Deliah Lawrence - author Gotta Let it Go 



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