“One of the key characteristics of a good publicist is "get up and go". Cherrie does her work with great enthusiasm and good spirit. On the two days of my book events, she stayed in touch--making suggestions, keeping me on schedule, giving encouragement. Cherrie is an excellent negotiator on behalf of the author.”

- Cheryl A. Head, Author Time’s Undoing (shortlisted for the L.A. book prize)


“Cherrie believed in my book and truly wanted the best for me as her client. Sales increased as the campaign gave me the courage to consistently do self-promotion.”

- C. Michelle Greene-Smalls, Author, Quit Making Excuses and Loc Your Hair


I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Eclectic PR, a true catalyst for branding my book business. Launching my company, I was seeking a strategic partner to elevate my brand presence and increase sales. Partnering with Eclectic PR not only met but exceeded my expectations, leading to an astounding 300 percent increase in sales. 

From the outset, Eclectic PR demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of my industry and a keen insight into the dynamics of my target market. Eclectic PR was instrumental in developing a marketing plan that included relaunch of my inaugural book and wrapping a brand around my Love Blossoms series. 

One of the key elements that set Eclectic PR apart was their ability to identify and leverage what made my book series unique. The impact of Eclectic PR's efforts on our sales cannot be overstated. With the recommended changes to my website, I’ve seen continued increase in traffic and an increasing number of loyal readers. 

In conclusion, the decision to collaborate with Eclectic PR proved to be a transformative moment for me, CD Giles, and my Love Blossoms series. The remarkable 300 percent increase in sales stands as a testament to their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our success. I am immensely grateful for the impact Eclectic PR has had on my business, and look forward to continuing to partner with Eclectic PR in the future. 

- Romance Author, CD Giles


“Thank you to the best publicist ever - the awesome, calm and constant Cherrie Woods for being the wind beneath my wings, for keeping me on track and for hanging in there and showing me the way to take BARR to a new level."”

– Sharon Lucas, Founder/Event Planner, BARR Literary Weekend


"Cherrie Woods helped me to hone a more professional presentation of my work. I also appreciate her understanding of how to use current technology to promote your work."

– Espi Frazier - Multimedia Artist


“In less than one year of working with Ms. Woods, I got radio, print and television coverage, invited to a children’s book fair, new content for my website and better marketing materials and media interview training. Ms. Woods provides high-end services usually only available at an expensive PR agency.” 

– Everett Todd Adams -Author, Children’s Educational Books Series


“Working with Cherrie Woods is an eye-opening experience. She's made me look at the nuances I have in my presentation delivery that gets in the way of my message. Cherrie doesn't sugar coat.”

– Dave Dickinson -Radio Host/Programmer, SiriusXM


“I appreciated that fact that she had good relations with media people and knew the right approaches to take for each unique client, and that she was a consummate professional.”

– Stella Adams - Author, "Heavy is the Rain" 


“I recommend Cherrie! Professional and smart, this woman will give you some indispensable advice on marketing your book.”

– Mark Silinsky, Ph.D. -Author, "Jihad and the West"


“Working with Cherrie Woods is an eye-opening experience. She's made me look at the nuances I have in my presentation delivery that gets in the way of my message. Cherrie doesn't sugar coat.”

– Wendy Coakley-Thompson, President Duho Books


“Ms. Woods is delightful to work with, always upbeat but realistic in terms of my expectations”

– Jae Sherwood- Author, "Little Leona of Monster of Fires"


“Cherrie got me a tremendous amount of PR and exposure in a short period of time. I appreciated her ideas, energy, and professionalism.”

– Jennifer S. Matthews –Author, 12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Without a Part-Time Job"