Build a winning website!

What action do you want visitors who go to your website to take? Do you want them to hire you, purchase your product, book you for a show? Whatever the action, you must provide your website visitors with key information that will get them to do what you want them to do. How? Begin by answering five basic questions:

  1. Who? - Who are you, what is your background, what are your credentials?  - introduce yourself to your visitors.

  2. What? - What do you do, what are you selling, what makes it better than someone else’s? What makes your services better? – This is your big selling opportunity.

  3. How? - How do they contact you? Phone, email, Facebook, via your website? – Always give options.

  4. When?- When do they contact you? Anytime? – If you have office hours, specify here.

  5. Why?- Why should they choose your services, product, book you for a performance? Have you won awards? Do you have big-name clients? - Share your portfolio.

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