What Self-Published Authors Need to Know about Retail Bookstore Signings

Self-Published Authors and Retail Bookstore Signings

I have been working with self-published authors for over five years and I have noticed, in the last year, a significant increase in requests for me to arrange book signings for my clients. This may be because the book world is getting increasingly crowded and online promotions even more so. Or perhaps authors are beginning to recognize (as I do) that there is a targeted group of readers who want to meet new authors in person before they purchase their books. Whatever the reason, these requests have allowed me to secure book signings nationwide, primarily at Barnes and Noble stores. In my conversations with store managers, once I secure their agreement to include my clients in their group or individual book signing events, their process is to order self-published authors’ books from their database, which includes only authors who have used IngramSpark for their print-on-demand services.

Why Do Bookstores Use IngramSpark?

I am not here to debate why bookstores will only order books that have been printed via the IngramSpark database; however, one of the reasons may be that KDP/Amazon will not accept returns/refunds and IngramSpark does. Yes, some local bookstores may make exceptions and allow some authors to bring in and sell their own printed book copies on a consignment basis for a specific author event – usually a group event. However my understanding is this only occurs in rare circumstances. 

Again, I do want to clarify that I am not recommending or directing self-published authors to secure only IngramSpark for their print-on-demand services. Also, keep in mind that there is no rule from either KDP/Amazon or IngramSpark that says you cannot use both of their services. However, I do know that IngramSpark has a small uploading fee and there may be some limitations on using all the options in KDP/Amazon, so again, do your research. Click here to learn the benefits of both IngramSpark and KDP/Amazon

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