Do authors need a book publicist?

Author: Cherrie Woods




Do you need a book publicist?

Do I need a book publicist is one of the frequent questions asked of me by authors. I believe the best response is to share some of the services that a publicist provides for their author clients.  And since the answer is for writers, I believe sharing these services in writing is ideal so that  authors will have a written reference. So check out my response that outlines a book publicists core services. 

What a book publicist does:

  • Edit the author’s biography and the book’s synopsis
  • Initialize the author’s social networking profiles
  • Request book reviews
  • Assemble a media kit and disseminate its elements
  • Pitch interviews and features to the media
  • Train authors in preparation for their interviews
  • Formulate the author’s talking points
  • Plan the book’s launch event and book talk
  • Recommend venues with high traffic author events
  • Identify your primary target market

When is the ideal time for an author to engage a publicist? 

Two to three months before before your book is published is the ideal time. However I work with authors whose books have been out six months to seven years - yes seven years. This is one of the reasons my business is unique. I help authors with books that have been published for a few years to re-release their books in fresh and creative ways. 

In addition to publicity, do you provide other services for authors?

Because most of my authors are self-published/independent authors, me and my team also provide the following additional services:

  • Web design services
  • Book cover design/eflyer design
  • Paid phone consultations
  • Assisting authors in getting their books into their local library collections
  • PR Workshops presentations (private and public)
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