When is the best time to release a self-published book?

When a self-published author's book  manuscript is completed, there's no agent to pitch the book to and then once the agent agrees to work with you, they manage all of the rest. No, it is on you the author to do or hire someone to complete the work that takes your book from manuscript to print, if you're doing a print book. Once that process is completed, your next step is to plan your book release. 

An obvious next question is when is a good time to plan your book release event. When asked that question (which is frequently), I automatically respond with between January and April as I know this is a good time for reviewers of books and editors to write about books. However, I began to realize that my answer was more applicable to traditional authors and may not apply to self-published authors. 

I decided to dig a little deeper to ensure these dates are also applicable for self-published authors. In my research I came upon the following article that fortunately supports my response as most of my clients are authors of self-help, business and poetry books, however the article I found goes further in that it ties the best release dates to the book's genre as well. I believe it will be helpful for indie authors! 

Please keep in mind that these are not hard and fast rules, simply guidelines and that it is always best if possible to connect your book release to an existing occasion if applicable. e.g. romance book to Valentine's Day. Happy Reading!