Should small businesses hire a publicist?

I am frequently asked by small businesses and artpreneurs whether they should spend the dollars to hire a publicist. They usually want a yes or no from me, but they don't get either response because there are many factors to take into consideration before making that commitment.

Before I consider working with a client, I have each client complete a 12-question questionnaire to determine if they need my skills. The questions include, how much PR work do they need, where are they at in their business, what are their goals for PR, what is working for them, what's not working and lastly what is their budget?

Many potential clients are surprised that I get so in-depth with my questions and some ask if I'm not concerned that my process might discourage clients from hiring me. I tell them no, because I want to work with clients who understand what I do and what they want from me. It makes our work relationship better in the long run.

Check out this website to learn more when making your decision to hire a publicist.

Should I hire a publicist or can I do it myself?