From non-profits, and arts and culture organizations to businesses and artists, Eclectic PR provides public relations (PR) and marketing services that combine creativity, market analysis and business strategies with your communications needs. 

Free Consultation. 

Contact us for a FREE 15 mins. phone consultation. We will discuss your needs, address your questions and help you decided your next steps. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION NOW! 


You may not be ready to book a full PR campaign or you may want to learn more about PR before you make a commitment. We offer PR coaching sessions by phone, e-mail and online (hourly rate) to discuss your needs, offer advice, answer questions, analyze your options (including technology), etc.  CONTACT US NOW!

Helping Self-Published Authors Find Success!

Whether you need a book cover, advice about your printing options, a publicity campaign, photo shoot or just a press release, bio, synopsis or any type of PR writing project, Founder of Eclectic PR, Cherrie Woods is the go-to-PR-person/coach for self-published authors. A self-published author herself, Woods has worked with several authors on all aspects of their PR and marketing needs. LEARN MORE HERE.

In the News!

Effective publicity campaigns bring more than just fame. They bring results. Our solid relationships with journalists/editors/online bloggers, etc. allows us to secure “meaningful” media coverage for our clients. BOOK A CONSULTATION NOW!

Make the most of your brand.

We all want to know how to stand out in the crowd. We can help you develop a strong brand by through reviewing your website project/making recommendations, logo development, brochure/business card, e-flyers designs. TALK TO US ABOUT YOUR NEEDS!

Attend/Book a Workshop.

Eclectic workshops are designed for adults! Attendees will have lots of opportunites to interact, ask questions and most of all learn public relations skills to help you promote your book and visual arts products. LEARN MORE HERE