What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

We live in a crowded business world and the Internet has added to the ability for anyone with a computer or a phone to advertise their products, services, events, etc. Add to that, very user-friendly software to build your own websites, affordable graphic desingers on Fiverr, Behance and the ability to do your own design work via Canva, etc. (I have comments about do-it-yourself design software - but that's for another blog). All of this adds up to more challenges for you to identify your Unique Selling Point (USP) or what makes you different from others.
During my consulting calls and/or my initial meeting/phone calls with new clients, I  typically ask each person to identify their USP, which is essentially what's different about their business, product, service or event.  Most people are unsure or not clear on knowing how to identify theirs. I share with them how important it is for us to identify their USPs because it is the basis for me to ensure their PR campaign is effective and beneficial as I build their customized campaigns. 
It can be challenging to be both the person who creates the product/work, coordinates the event and starts the business, and to identify what makes you stand out. However, without that you may get lost in the crowd. If we take some time out from the busyness of the world and consciously pause, we will realize that we make choices in our life based on the USPs everyday. Whether it's McDonalds or Burger King or Wendy's, Walmart or Target, Danielle Steele vs. Nora Roberts, Beverly Jenkins or. Brenda Jackson, Lincoln Continental or Cadillac Escalade, we all make decisions based on USPs. 
Heres are 3 examples of Unique Selling Points (USP) from my former and current clients: 
  1. BARR Literary Weekend Conference – At this confeence the attendees/readers to authors ratio is beneficial to authors
  2. Children’s Author, Jae Sherwood –  In her book, Little Leona of Monsters and Fire –  the author's main character Leona is not a typical little girl. She is tomboyish, brave and daring. The author wanted little girls to see another representation of themselves. 
  3. Chickie & Co. Boutique - This boutique in Midtown Baltimore sells couture-inspired fashion at affordable prices and is one of a few brick and mortar boutiques in the dowtown Baltimore, MD area. They also have an online store. 
For more tips about USPs, read this article from Susan L. Reid, Small Business Expert and Business Catalyst here

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